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Media Partners

International Clinical Trials (ICT)
Website: http://www.samedanltd.com/magazine/13

International Clinical Trials (ICT) is a quarterly magazine edited by Dr Graham Hughes, and written by specialists at the forefront of clinical research. ICT’s coverage of operational developments ranges from adaptive designs in early phase trials through to post marketing research. ICT’s targeted readership consists of key decision makers... Read More

Pharmaceutical Technology
Website: http://www.Pharmaceutical-tech.com

Thanks to the 19th Century, all of us exist in this segment, the pharmaceutical sector. The history of Indian pharmaceutical market in 1970's was almost non-existent. It grew slowly with time and was rated one of the world’s best, especially in generics by the dawn of the 21st Century. That being said, we joined in just to accommodate the best... Read More

Supply Chain Brain
Website: http://www.supplychainbrain.com/content/index.php

SupplyChainBrain, the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, is accessed year round through a wide range of ever evolving multi-media formats by hundreds of thousands of senior level industry executives. In addition to addressing the fundamental principles of supply-chain management, SupplyChainBrain identifies... Read More

Cold Chain IQ
Website: http://www.coldchainiq.com

Free Pharma & Biopharm Industry Best Practice Information at Cold Chain IQ An international resource centre for the temperature control life science professional, Cold Chain IQ delivers insightful, unbiased information about today's 'hot topics'. Members benefit by reading expert analysis, trend-setting articles, listening to podcast... Read More

ColdChainManagement MAGAZINE
Website: http://www.coldchainmanagement.in

ColdChainManagement, The Monthly Magazine purveys information on Cold Chain Industry in India. Every issue carries articles/research papers by leading scientists & technologists and also a Buyers' Guide to easily locate suppliers of machinery, equipment & accessories of Cold Chain and allied industries. Regular features include 'Trade News... Read More

Website: http://www.biocompare.com

Biocompare is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and objective  website for life science product information.  Thousands of scientists use Biocompare daily to quickly find the right product for their experiments rather than looking through multiple print catalogs.  Visit www.biocompare.com to find the products you need, stay informed of new... Read More

Website: http://www.bit.ly/1MeACSA

SelectScience is an independent, online review resource for the worldwide scientific community, and the fastest way to impartial, expert opinion about the latest laboratory equipment and techniques. Discover new technologies, products and trusted reviews; plus videos, application notes and the latest science news from around the... Read More

CIO Review
Website: http://www.cioreview.com

CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from... Read More

LIMS Finder
Website: http://www.limsfinder.com/

LIMSfinder is the most comprehensive online, interactive magazine devoted to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other Laboratory Informatics Solutions. LIMSfinder is simply the best resource for Information Technology in the... Read More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Website: http://reg.accelacomm.com/servlet/Frs.frs

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine and PharmaManufacturing.com is devoted to providing informations and insights to help the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry lower risk, improve product quality and improve effeciencies within the process development, commercial manufacting and supply chain aspects of the industry.  We invite you... Read More

Website: http://www.MedicalDevice-Network.com

Medicaldevice-network is used by leading medical device organizations on a daily basis to keep up to date with the latest industry specific news and developments. The site covers everything along the supply chain from biomaterials and materials solutions to electronics, packaging, motors and motion control, outsourcing and... Read More

Media Partners

Website: http://www.drugdevelopment-technology.com/

Drug Development Technology is a procurement and reference resource providing a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the drug development and medicines industry. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of drug development contractors and suppliers, up-to-date news and press releases, white papers and detailed information on... Read More

SciDoc Publishers
Website: http://www.scidoc.org

SciDoc Publishers is a major source provider of e-journals in the field of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM). The nature of journals - Open Access and Peer-reviewed. We are aimed with a sole motive in making a mark in the field of Open Access, by propagating the knowledge to the scientific community. Our prime concern involves, the knowledge... Read More

Clinical Trials eCommunity
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2728494

The Clinical Trials eCommunity is a group where clinical trials professionals and research patients from diverse backgrounds and specializations can come together with the purpose of communicating, discussing, and learning about current issues in the clinical research field. In addition to providing a forum where professionals and patients can... Read More

Good Clinical Practice
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/40128/profile

An open group for all those who are interested in sharing experience on Good Clinical Practice and those who look for information on how to be compliant with ICH GCP E6... Read More

Website: http://www.biopractice.com/

BioPractice as a platform focuses to be the core part of learning and development for the life science industry as well as the academia. It has been built to meet the objective of the learning and development in the areas of latest trends and practices of the industry, regulation updates in the industry, research and development for the... Read More

Pharma Licensing
Website: http://pharmalicensing.com/

A global technology marketplace. Resource for pharmaceutical and medical licensing and business development: company and technology profiles, industry news and... Read More

Pharmaceutical Packaging ePedigree Requirements
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1966960/profile

The US Food and Drug Administration intends to automate and enhance the safety of the pharmaceutical supply chain by establishing electronic pedigrees (ePedigrees) for drug products. An ePedigree is an electronic log of all parties at all points in the supply chain that possessed a given drug. The goal is to track drug products at the unit level... Read More

Pharma Supply Chain Product Quality & Compliance Management
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8252195/profile

A forum for supply chain professionals to share and discuss current supply chain topics, regulatory compliance expectations, industry standards and best practices to help assure product quality in the supply... Read More